Monday, December 24, 2007

Current CSD Projects

Spotlight Project
  • Cerebrum
    The project aims at making a web site on which project reports can be uploaded. The collection of these project reports from respective departments is also a part of this project. The project reports will include those submitted by students as a part of their COP, LOP, SOP, PPL, BPL, CPL or Special Project. Quark/Apogee project abstracts (if reports are not available) can also be uploaded.

Current Projects

  • BITS, Pilani – Goa Campus Internet Website
    The project aims at maintaining the already existing internet website of the campus and regularly updating its contents. The coordinator currently has updation permissions for the website in the presence of Server Centre staff.
  • BITS Yearbook - Melange 2004 Online Website
    The BITS YEarbook website is online and running successfully to collect yearbook data for the outgoing batch students. The website is developed and managed by: Prakhar Prakash (ID : 2005T6PS435).
  • Glimpses 2007
    The project aims at continuing the Glimpses 2006 project to develop the updated version of Glimpses in the form of CD.
  • Maintaining Details of CoPs done as Courses
    The project aims at continuing the Glimpses 2006 project to develop the updated version of Glimpses in the form of CD.
  • BITS oLive (BITS Online Archive)
    The project aims at developing an Orkut-like networking portal for BITS, Pilani students containing all public information regarding any student/faculty/alumni for central organized storage and easy retrieval by everyone from anywhere in the world. The data will be fed in by students on campus and by passouts/trainees from their respective work destinations. The project aims at providing access to information about anyone associated with BITS at every other person’s fingertips.
  • Event Scheduler 2007
    The web-based system will ensure that all student/faculty events that are planned in the campus get listed on this system to let others know as well as to make sure no other event gets scheduled for that time slot. The ARC can book directly or update events/booking of LTs or classrooms on this central website and hence, the clash of timings and days for major events can be avoided. The system can be checked by students for a free slot before booking a venue on a particular day.
  • BITS RSS Feeds
    The RSS Feed server from BITS, Pilani – Goa Campus that enables people interested in receiving news updates from the campus, to get it right on their desktops or email inboxes.
  • BITS Virtual Crossroads
    The online marketplace of the campus where students can buy and sell items to/from each other. Institute publications like the extra CDs, DVDs, Magazines, old library books/magazines for sale as well as student items like hostel t-shirts, event t-shirts, computers, accessories, used books etc can be auctioned/sold and bought.
  • Faculty Attendance Service
    Faculty members can mark their attendances from their cubicle itself without coming to the room to sign off against their names.
  • Technical Support for Events
    CSD in addition to individual projects also supports events in technical issues. For example:
    Waves 2007
    Quark 2007
    International Workshop on Biosensors 2007

Encouraging Technology

  • Hold seminars, faculty lectures and competitions in association with Deptt associations and technology clubs in campus to promote use of technology.
  • CSD also plans to offer crash courses on specific topics of interest later during the semester.
  • Besides development, Research projects and study projects also to be embedded into the organization.

Mentors of CSD

The student team is supported by an able and very enthusiastic team of faculty members that provide constant ideas and thoughts to the projects handled by the body.

  • CSD is led by Prof. D. M. Kulkarni as Faculty In-Charge, Computer Centre. His unflinched support and inspiration has enabled us to develop our projects with seamless ease.
  • New projects and tasks that drives us in our quest for better technology are given by Mr. Mangesh Bedekar, the "CSD Architect" and Faculty Coordinator.

About CSD

The CSD is a registered body for the development and management of softwares required for the internal use of the Institute. Built on the lines of the SDETU at Pilani Campus, the CSD at Goa Campus aims at starting introductory courses in various aspects of software development. High - class technologies, unbeatable strategies, excellent team and superlative motivation are the ones which make CSD a winner!

Apart from developing softwares for use within the institute, the CSD has now diversified to the following too:

  • Providing network services throughout the LAN under the banner of BITS Zone NetworkServices.
  • Aiming to venturing into areas of Research in the field of software technology.
  • Promoting the use of technology and collaborative sharing of knowledge among the like-minded people.

The organisation provides an enabling avenue whereby the on-going software development activity at BITS is integrated and channelized for better utilization.

CSD is a forum where the developmental activity at BITS may find a wider utility and the intellectual capital available at BITS tapped towards the development of quality software for use by potential clients. It aims to harness the fresh, young and enthusiastic talented students towards software development activities thereby widening the manpower base that can be absorbed in the computer industry. CSD’s objective is to engage in creative generation of ideas that go towards innovative software development.

The CSD has a fully functional team of students to contribute to the software development requirements of the Institute. The campus has fully air-conditioned and well equipped labs to offer platforms for the students to take up developmental work.